debora sanna
curriculum vitae




deborasanna was born in Italy in the province of Bologna on Feb. 14th, 1984.

she gets a qualification as graphic designer in Faenza (Italy) in 2004.

then further explores the world of design studying at the ISIA (Higher Institute Art Industries) in Faenza, ranging through different subjects like: fashion design, ecodesign, concept design, typography, photography, industrial design and materials properties and chemistry.

she graduates in 2008.

during 2008 she works as a graphic design freelancer.

in 2009 she moves to Torino, where she becomes part of Design Gang, a studio specialized in product, graphics, interior ​design, keeping her role as graphic designer until January 2013.

in March 2013 she moves to Brazil, staying in Rio de Janeiro first but migrating to San Paolo in search of new opportunities.